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Manufacturer of gaskets and stainless steel pipe clamps

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We would like to offer you gaskets for motorization, water, canalization, gas, oil and heating installations, as well as stainless steel pipe clamps.

Our company is a guarantee of high quality products, competent staff, and ability to adjust to specific needs of our customers.



We produce large range of flat gaskets, made of rubber, gasket sheets, PTFE, stainless steel, silicone and other materials, specified by customer or selected by our stuff for installation needs.


Fibra gaskets

Fibra is a material suited mainly for water installations for example water meters, heat meters, radiators etc. It’s feature is ability to swell when exposed to water, which allows for better seal the installation.


Rubber gaskets

Elasticity and ease of fitting to sealed place makes rubber to be very common material in gasket industry.

Types of rubber sheets used by our company:

  • SBR – low price material, used for water installations up to 70°C (not for use with drinking water),
  • EPDM – high grade rubber used for water installations up to 100°C (can be used with drinking water, Polish PZH certificate),
  • NBR – material used in oil installations,
  • NR-L – material can be used in contact with food.


Gasket sheet gaskets

High range of max temperatures, pressures and resistances makes gasket sheets to be the most commonly used materials in our company. Gaskets made of it can be applied to water installations, steam, acids and bases, alcohols, oils etc. up to 600°C+ and 12MPa.


Flange gaskets

Our flange gaskets are made mainly based on PN-EN1514-1 norm. Dimensions and material of gaskets are chosen based on temperature, pressure and medium of installation, or are selected by customer. Most common materials are gasket sheets, rubber and graphite sheets.


Pipe clamps

Our company produces stainless steel clamps without rod, with smooth or threaded rod, anchor for expanded sleeve, nut, rubber insert, with a diameter form Ø6mm to Ø304mm. On customer request we can produce clamp op to Ø900mm, or with special additives like welded angle, or in special shape.


Turbocharger gaskets

We offer wide range of turbocharger gaskets for Garrett, KKK and other turbo manufacturers.

We produce both stainless steel gaskets (“ATM”) and gasket sheet gaskets (“ATK” for oil and water cooling)

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Motor Vehicle Gaskets
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