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We offer high-quality automotive gaskets, gaskets for water and sewage installations, gas installations, central heating, as well as pipe clamps and repair kits.

Our company guarantees the high quality of the products offered and competent customer service. A major advantage of our company is tailoring the offer to the individual needs of the customer. We offer all kinds of gaskets for use in the automotive industry, gas installations, water and sewage installations, and for central heating (CH). We know how important a high-quality gaskets is. This small element often plays a key role in the proper functioning of installations.

Different Types of gaskets:

We present the types of seals available in our range. To purchase a product, it is worth getting acquainted with the specifics of the various installations and elements that we want to seal - not everywhere can we use the same gasket.

Fiber gaskets

Fiber seals are used wherever strong and solid seals are necessary. The material from which fiber seals are made has good sealing properties (the seal swells in contact with water, pressing the sealed place), mechanical properties, high resistance to abrasion, and is resistant to the action of fats. The material from which fiber seals are made can be mechanically and plastically processed. It is often used in the production of seals for water meters, heat meters, radiators, etc. Fiber seals from the manufacturer Admet are an ideal choice for mechanics! We will gladly help you choose fiber seals because a high-quality seal is crucial.

Rubber gaskets

A rubber gasket will prove itself wherever we rely on solid sealing - these are highly valued and frequently used products. The exceptional elasticity of rubber and the freedom to adapt to the surfaces being sealed mean that rubber is one of the more commonly used materials for gaskets production. Rubber gaskets have resistance to water, strong insulating properties: (electricity, heat, and sound), and show low gas permeability. We produce rubber gaskets from the following types of rubber:

SBR – Economical sheet suitable for use in non-potable water installations.
EPDM – Sheet resistant to atmospheric conditions.
NBR – Sheet intended for contact with oils.
NR-L – Sheet used in installations that come into contact with food.

Properly selected rubber gasket will certainly contribute to the trouble-free operation of installations and not only - a good gasket is more important than it may seem.

Gasket sheets

Gaskets made of specialized gasket materials such as sheets made by Gambit, Temac or Klinger, are used from installations with cold water, through acids bases, steam, drinking water, oils and fuels, gases, to extreme conditions above 600°C and 12 MPa. It is the most commonly used material by us, including for water meters, double couplings, flanges, radiators, etc.

Check out our offer and choose the best gasket for yoour installation.