About us

About us

Our firm started in 1992 under the name Wytwórnia Uszczelek (Gasket Plant). At the beginning we manufactured only gaskets and seals cut of Fibra and asbestos-rubber sheets. Gradually, as demand grew, we have been widening our offer.

After ten years of our activity, we have changed the name and the seat of the business. Now it is called ' ADMET’ situated in Dobrynin.

To meet demand of our customers, in 2002 we started manufacturing of gaskets and seals for trucks and buses. We also extended the range of our production by including in our offer also metal accessories such as mounting bars for mixer taps and clamps for stainless-steel pipes.

Currently, we make gaskets of wide range of materials such as non-asbestos gasket sheets, PTFE, rubber, graphite, silicone and Fibra.

High quality of offered products, our exceptional customer service, fast order processing, and customizing our products, these all have won our high position in the market.